«N Operating Company» (hereinafter referred to as the - the Operator) has obligations on vocational training of the Kazakhstan personnel, the skills necessary for effective performance of the official duties, and also for the purpose of increase of technical and professional qualification in accordance with the suboil contract on a block «N» № 2546 from 29.12.2007 between the ministry of energy and mineral resources of Kazakhstan Republic and JSC NK "KazMunayGas" (hereinafter referred to as the-contract company) and Agreements on attraction of the operator № 13-10 from 19.02.2009.

For these purposes it is annually allocated with 400 000 US dollars:

  1. To train Operator employee
  2. To train Contractor employee
  3. Develop educational scholarship fund

Educational scholarship fund is created for a retraining and professional education reception by unemployed Kazakhstan citizens in the subjects related to oil and gas sphere, including university education, specialized secondary schools and other educational institutions, and also for acquisition of manuals, materials, the equipment and a hardware for educational institutions.

«N Operating Company» developed Position about training under the project «N» which defines and regulates an order and procedures of the organization of professional training of the Operator and the Contractor personnel, and also establishment scholarship fund.

The contract company also should finance projects of social appointment. The social objects requiring such financing are offered by a local executive office and affirm Operating committee of the «N» Project. On these purposes allocation of 400 000 US dollars is annually provided.